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Brewery of Chios

The tradition of the distillery "K. Psychis & Sons” begins in Chios, early last century and has been inherited from generation to generation with devotion and loyalty to the old recipes and the art of distillation, achieving finest quality products.

The knowledge, experience and exhaustive selection of seeds and plants grown on the island, give the products 'PSYCHIS' the distinct aroma and characteristic rich flavor that distinguishes them.

The Ouzo, Ouzo Mastic and Mastic Liqueur Chios are the typical products of the distillery "K. Psychis & Sons", with the famous exquisite taste and unique quality of Chios’s tradition.

The aroma and taste of mastic, the genuine aniseed distillate of Chios and the natural alcohol, are some of the basics manufacturing materials of "PSYCHIS" products, which have become the necessary accompanying of our special moments.

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Psychis Οyzo Chiou “Rempiko”
As traditional as his name, which he inherited from the traditional bronze retort, as it is mentioned in the dialect of Chios. It is a genuine product of the culture of Chios.
Psychis Chios Mastiha Liquer
This premium liqueur has come from the distillation of authentic mastic Chios, which makes it an authentic PGI product.

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