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In the heart of Marca Trevigiana, at the foot of Colli Asolani and the Montello area, is Cantina Montelliana, a co-operative of 400 associated wine growers producing Prosecco DOC, DOCG and other wines of high organoleptic value.

Cantina Montelliana is equipped with modern and cutting-edge facilities that guarantee quality, hygiene and safety throughout the production chain. At the same time, it follows traditional wine making methods, which is the fruit of the experience and the culture of wine growing in the region.

Attention to traditions and the use of the best technology of the winemaking industry allows us to take care of every process, respecting the land and its fruits. All of this leads to the production of excellent wines, mainly Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG and Prosecco DOC Treviso (sparkling and semi-sparkling) as well as high-quality white and red wines.

Cantina Montelliana e dei Colli Asolani, with its 400 growers and 650 hectares of vineyards, works with respect for the region, enhancing its beauty and its fruits. An example of excellence in the Italian wine sector.

The following codes are available:

prodrinks montelliana prosecco wine prodrinks montelliana prosecco wine
Montelliana Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry
Sparkling wine made by natural fermentation using the Charmat method. Light straw-yellow color with greenish details. It has the typical fruity bouquet reminiscent of Golden Delicious apples, with a hint of banana and peach. It is fresh, aromatic and velvety in the mouth with pleasant roundness. Ideal as an aperitif, but also with appetizers, pasta, pizza, risotto, grilled vegetables and summer salads. Serve at 6-8 ° C.

Packaging: 0,75Lt & 0,2Lt

prodrinks montelliana pinot grigio wine
Montelliana Pinot Grigio Doc Delle Venezie
Wine with intense yellow color. Distinct, fruity, intense bouquet. Fresh, harmonious flavor. Ideally it is served with the first courses as well as with fish or vegetable dishes. Serve at 10-12 ° C.

Packaging: 0,75Lt

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