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Tosti is located in Canelli, in the heart of the Moscato Bianco production area, which has a controlled and guaranteed origin, an area that is internationally unique in its appeal for wine growing.

Since 1820, Tosti and its products offer consumers opportunities to meet and have fun, situations as enjoyable and light as bubbles.

Tosti and Canelli vineyards are synonymous with the creativity, tradition and history of a remarkable area. Everything in the name of Tosti, a brand as unique as its bottle, the only one in the world that has a navel.

prodrinks Tosti Moscato Spumante
Tosti Moscato Spumante

The typical aroma of Moscato grapes offers sweet and fragrant bubbles that are ideal for dessert, fruit, ice cream and pastry. Aromatic and harmonious, with a nice and durable perlage, Moscato Tosti is best served chilled. Excellent with all courses of a meal.

Bright straw yellow color. Fresh and fruity scent, pleasantly aromatic with the typical aroma of Moscato grape. Sweet and harmonious flavor, with an aftertaste that strengthens the fruity and aromatic elements.

It is available in packaging of 750ml & 200ml

Tosti Moscato DAsti Docg
Tosti Moscato D' Asti Docg Cuore

Moscato d'Asti Tosti is the heart of production and Tosti is at the heart of the production area under the name of a controlled and guaranteed origin of the white Muscat Canelli. This is the new Moscato d'Asti Tosti: unique, sophisticated and of course sweet.

Bright yellow color with golden reflections. Strongly aromatic and fresh scent with sage elements. Sweet, full and velvety taste with intense aftertaste. The aroma of grapes is very evident in its flavor.

It is available in packaging of 750ml & 187ml

prodrinks Tosti Pink Moscato
Tosti Pink Moscato

Bubbles as sweet as love, thin and flavored as rose petals, vibrant and stunning, such as pink! Pink Moscato Tosti is ideal for aperitifs, with all meals, dedicated to freshness, color and seduction.

Bright red with purple reflections. The scent is fresh and fruity, and its aroma is elegantly blended with raspberry, red berries and black cherry notes. Finally, it has a strong and aromatic flavor, in which sweetness, alcohol content and sharpness are perfectly balanced. In the aftertaste the aroma of the grape and the elements of raspberry and black cherry are clearly perceived.

It is available in packaging of 750ml & 200ml

prodrinks Tosti Brachetto Spumante
Tosti Brachetto D'Acqui Docg

Brachetto d'Acqui DOCG Tosti is recognized by sophisticated and exuberant ruby-colored bubbles. Rich in history and tradition, it is a fine red sparkling wine for connoisseurs, ideal with desserts, fruits, ice creams, biscuits and chocolate. An authentic product of this region.

It is ruby red in color with red garnet reflections. Strongly aromatic in the scent with rose flavors and fruity elements giving a fresh and interesting touch to the product.

It is available in packaging of 750ml

tosti canellino
Tosti Canellino Moscato D'Asti

Color slightly pale yellow, which tends to become more intense in time. Scent of various intense perfumes, reminiscent of citrus and peach. While the taste is sweet, balanced and pleasant.

It is available in packaging of 750ml

Tosti Prosecco Doc Extra Dry
Tosti Prosecco Doc Extra Dry

Prosecco Tosti is the result of a harmonious balance between Prosecco (Glera) grapes a Denominazione di Origine Controllata(with the Appellation of Controlled Origin) and Tosti’s traditional and historical production culture. A pleasant combination for a Prosecco DOC which is ideal for aperitifs, with all courses of a meal and after hours.

It is available in packaging of 750ml & 200ml

prodrinks Tosti Asti Docg
Tosti Asti Docg

Made with 100% Moscato Bianco di Canelli grapes, Asti Tosti DOCG represents the historical tradition of sweet bubbles. Rich in floral perfumes and aromas, it is served chilled with desserts, patisserie, fruit and ice-cream. Delicious bubbles which are excellent with all courses of a meal.

It is available in packaging of 750ml & 200ml

prodrinks Tosti Asti Secco Docg
Tosti Asti Secco Docg

Its name is asti, it has always been classified as docg, and today it is also dry! The flavour, wholesomeness and freshness of the grapes give rise to a new kind of drink: dry, light, sparkling, with only 17 g of sugar per litre and an alcohol content of 11%.

It is available in packaging of 750ml

prodrinks Tosti Rose Brut
Tosti Rose Brut

Tosti Rosé Brut bubbles are born from a blend of white and red grape vines, cleverly mixed to obtain this sparkling rosé wine, very fresh and fruity.

It is available in packaging of 750ml

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