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    Sir Edmond is the creator of the world’s first vanilla infused gin, is a rebellious spirit with an unusual character like his Gin.


From the island of Réunion, the vanilla capital of the world, Sir Edmond wanted to create a gin that honors and evolves around one of the most valuable flavors in world’s history that he loves the most, vanilla.

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Sir Edmond takes his herbs very seriously. Carefully combined, they give Sir Edmond Gin its revolutionary and unusual flavor: Bourbon vanilla, juniper, angelica root, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. Vanilla makes Gin change color, but it is also responsible for its unusual, soft and refined taste.

African Wildlife Foundation

Sir Edmond dreams of an Africa where fragile ecosystems are restored to their pristine natural state. An Africa where all animals (but especially flamingos) are respected by humans.

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Sir Edmond gin, the world’s first vanilla infused gin, comes about through a precise distilling process involving juniper, angelica root, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. This distillate then gets infused with Bourbon vanilla for a few weeks, resulting in this distinctive flavor.

  • Sir Edmond Gin

    Sir Edmond Gin

    Sir Edmond Gin

    Sir Edmond Gin is a special and modern gin.

    It is served neat with ice cubes and is considered ideal for a cocktail base.

    Nose: Inviting, rich and a harmonious blend of juniper, cardamom, Bourbon vanilla, hints of ginger and earthy angelica.

    Palate: Full flavored, smooth, velvety texture with Bourbon vanilla and cardamom notes moving into subtle cinnamon and juniper with a subtle touch of ginger.

    Finish: Long, dry and not too sweet, leaving you wanting more. The blend of Bourbon vanilla, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon results in a truly unique finish and an unusual character.

    Sir Edmond Gin is smooth and most importantly, different.

    Packaging: Alc:
    700ml 40%
  • Sir Edmond Gin

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