One family, one story

ProDrinks is a family business, established in 2007. The founding members of our company are Luke & Spyros Spyropoulos.

Both the passion of meeting new people and their stories throughout Greece and abroad, as well as the 30 years of experience of Luke Spyropoulos in sales contributed to the foundation of this company.

While starting its journey, ProDrinks had to face a major fiscal crisis for the Greek data. However, despite the difficult years the Greek market went through and despite the constant decrease of the purchasing power, it was the passion, the strong will, the persistence and the industriousness that contributed to the steady and healthy growth of ProDrinks

Our vision is to offer exclusively premium brands of high-quality value with respect to man and society but the environment as well (with environmental awareness).

With this effort we come closer to our dream for a different and better tomorrow.

One goal, One destination

  1. ProDrinks started its first steps with the marketing and handling of products such as juices, soft drinks, water, beers, wines etc.
  2. We are transferred to larger facilities in the area of Aspropyrgos.
  3. The successful cooperation with the companies "Hellenic Juices SA" - "VIVA FRESH" and the “K. Psychis & Sons Distillery” takes place.
  4. The company creates a private label in the category of bulk wine, under the name "Glentokopi"
  5. Our sales department got upgraded with automation systems.
  6. The strong collaboration with the world-famous Swedish product, Kopparberg Premium Cider, begins.
    The company moves to new facilities.
  7. The collaboration with the well-known Spanish company Felix Solis begins, representing the favorite Penasol Sangria to the Greek market.
    The special cooperation with XINO NERO follows.
  8. The company makes an opening in the area of Hard Spirits and includes in its Portfolio the products of the English house Ramsbury (Gin - Vodka - Single Estate).
  9. The Company is turning to the Italian market. After a lot of time and research on the category of bottled water (Still, Sparkling) it manages to include in its Portfolio the well-known Italian water San Benedetto.
    Right after, ProDrinks closes a partnership with the worldwide known houses Montelliana from the Veneto region and Tosti from the Asti region, including Italian Sparklers in its Portfolio (Prosecco, Moschato D’asti).

Our expectations

  • Travel constantly, exploring new markets and new products with a history over time.

  • Discover quality products, based on pure goods of nature itself, which will meet the needs of a more spesialized and demanding consumer.

  • Collaborate with companies with the same social and ecological consciousness as ProDrinks.

  • 5000sqm of storage space
    800sqm of office space
    3000 pallet storage spaces

    Modern facilities for the handling and storage of our products

  • We use technologies to deliver products that are healthy and safe for the consumer

    We take care of the proper training of the staff

  • We own Private Trucks in order to serve quickly and accurately our clientele

    We adhere to the necessary safety measures for all employees

  • We adhere to product safety systems (ISO)

    We participate in the National Collective System of Alternative Package Management


    PRODRINKS company provides certified services and products

    ISO 9001 Certification

    ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems

    ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management concerning all companies, regardless of type, size, product or service.

    ISO 9001 describes a management model that when applied it ensures the expected quality in the products and services of an organization, having as a main goal customer satisfaction.

    With more than 1.1 million certificates according to ISO 9001, it helps organizations prove to their customers that they offer with reliability and consistency quality products and services according to agreed requirements.

    ISO 22000 Certification

    ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management Systems

    ISO 22000 specifies the general requirements for development, application and improvement of a company’s Food Safety Management System.

    ISO 22000 is addressed to all companies that participate directly or indirectly in the food supply chain, and it can be applied by all companies, regardless of their size or complexity.

    Rewarding Recycling

    Provide a highly rewarding incentive for each returned package

    The National Collective Alternative Management and Recycling System of Packaging REWARDING RECYCLING is a non-profit organization exclusively serving the public interest, approved by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, whose mission is to organize and promote recycling of packaging throughout the country.

    REWARDING RECYCLING complies with the stringent standards required by EU and national law and is already harmonized with the requirements of Law 4042/2012 and the Community Directive 2008/98/EK for separately collecting recyclable packaging material in at least 4 separate streams (paper, metal, plastic and glass), which all recyclers have to follow unambiguously from 1 January 2015.

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